In the current version of the "Hydrogen Map" a distinction is made between the selection categories potential and Inventory and the display of the "Evaluation of Potential" as well as the "Evaluation of Inventory". The selection of regions can be achieved by the choice of the selection category "Administrative Level" and by clicking on the map.

Administrative Level

The menu allows to change the resolution of the map from state level (NUTS 0) down to the local level of counties (NUTS 3). Regions can be added by clicking on them in the map and be removed in the menu.


In the category Inventory, the locations of existing PtX producers, H2 consumers and CO2 sources are recorded. You can choose between a display of Quantity/Capacity and Number of plants.

  • When Quantity/Capacity is selected, production, H2 consumption and CO2 source can only be selected and displayed separately. A combined display is not possible due to different units.
  • By selecting By Number, production, H2 consumption and CO2 source can be displayed jointly, whereby the number of systems is not an indicator for the size of plants.

Evaluation of Inventory

In the display Evaluation of Inventory, a choice can be made between PtX producers, H2 consumers and CO2 sources from industry and research, whereupon the associated table shows the existing and planned facilities depending on the selected region.


In the category Potential, the potentials of hydrogen or PtX are visualised taking the administrative level, calculation basis and technology paths into account.

  • The Calculation Basis offers different potentials for consideration. As of now two options are available. Either the entire potential from renewable energy sources is converted (Technical Total) or the regional electricity consumption is considered (Technical Surplus).
  • For the technology pathway, multiple electricity sources and PtX technologies are available. In the case of electricity sources for electrolysis, the renewable energy sources can be set and compared. The default setting is "Renewable Total", which includes all integrated renewable energy sources excluding offshore wind energy for most administrative levels (NUTS 1-3). At the German level, offshore wind energy is integrated into "Renewable total". The process for hydrogen production can be selected for the electrolysis technologies. The default setting is PEM electrolysis.

Evaluation of Potential

In the category Evaluation of Potential, the production potential is presented.

  • In the case of production potential, a graphical comparison of different electricity sources is provided for the selected regions. In addition to a brief description, the selected calculation basis and the technology path are specified.
  • Improved efficiencies and renewable energy plants that drop out of the feed-in tariff (EEG) are applied with the selection of year on a five-year basis on the bottom line.